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Christmas is a fantastic time for food in the UK. All of our home grown produce is at its best from potatoes to parsnips, the humble brussel sprout all the way to the turkey. At the Proud Sow we take every part of Christmas seriously so you can be sure that all of your needs will be met.

Take a look below for our guide to Christmas ordering plus some (hopefully) helpful tips!

Ordering your turkey is simple. Orders will be open in November so either call us on 020 8690 3320 or pop into the shop during opening hours and to keep up to date with all the Christmas news follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

We've priced our Turkey to reflect the quality of the birds we supply. They are all free-range bronze turkeys grown naturally. Given shelter when needed the birds are allowed space to roam and feed at will. Your bird will be boxed and fully prepared for the oven on the big day!

We've put together a little guide for picking the right sized bird for your festive feast. A good size bird for an average family is 5-6kg. This takes into account the bones so you'll be sure each person receives a good serving.

Roasting Joints:
A roasting joint can be the perfect alternative to the turkey whether it is beef, pork or lamb if you're thinking of ordering then you'll just need to decide whether you would like a rolled joint or something on the bone.

Large chickens and Capons will be available too if you're having a smaller gathering or just don't fancy turkey.
We are also pleased to offer Geese. These are all fully free-range and available between 4-7kg in weight.

Venison and game birds can form part of your celebrations or be the centre of attention so if you would like to order a venison joint or game birds then please do ask!

We will be stocking horseshoe gammons, smoked and unsmoked, which are all off the bone. We find these to be perfect for a roast or boiled ham. Perfect for boxing day or Christmas day evening (if you have room!) you can reserve yours with your turkey or large joint order. If you would like a gammon on the bone then this can be arranged so please do talk to us.

How to order:
Simply call or pop into the shop to discuss what you need for your Christmas celebrations. There is a small deposit to pay (see below) and you'll need to know the following things:

1) How many people you are cooking for.
2) What you would like; turkey, goose, beef etc or a combination.
3) What day and time you want to pick up your order.
Due to demand we will be asking for a small deposit per order, this amount will be deducted from the full price of your order upon pick up so you will not be charged twice.
Turkey/Geese/Capons: £20
Roasting Joints: £10
Gammon: £10

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