All of our sausages are gluten free and made in house using freshly ground free range pork from Blythburgh in Suffolk.

Our traditional sausage seasoning is used as a base in all of our flavours and contains sulphites as a preservative. Allergens are highlighted in BOLD.

Traditional Pork Sausage & Traditional Chipolatas:

Salt, Rice Flour, Herbs (Sage, Marjoram, Thyme), Stabilisers E450, Preservative E221 (4.31%) (SULPHITE), Flavour Enhancer E621, Spices (Nutmeg, Coriander, Ginger), Antioxidants E301 & E331, Spice Extract (Pepper).

Other flavours using the seasoning as listed above:

Pork & Fennel

Pork & Leek

Double Chilli Pork

Pork, Jalapeno & Cheese (MILK)

Pork & Kimchi (FISH, SEASAME)

Pork, Apple & Mustard (MUSTARD)

Lamb Merguez

Beef Chipolatas


Our bacon contains nitrates as a preservative.

The chorizo we sell is from Brindisa and contains the following:

Pork, natural pork casing, paprika, salt, spices, lactose (MILK), MILK protein, dextrin, sugar, garlic, stabiliser: tetrasodium diphosphate, antioxidant: sodium erythorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite and colour: carmine.

All of our marinades are allergen free.

All of our burgers are allergen free.

The bread we sell is delivered fresh each day from Coopers Bakehouse in Brockley and it all contains Wheat (GLUTEN).

Please ask in your local shop regarding any other dietary concerns.